who-the-hell-do-we-think-we-are-1Who the Hell do we think we are?  oil on canvas  100cm x 120cm 2023
Templum-Merda_-Praying-for-shit-(after-Walter)Templum Merda   oil on canvas  120cm x 150cm  2018-2020
Homo-SacerHomo Sacer   oil on canvas  120cm x 120cm  2021
Rapture-of-St-Anthony The Rapture of Saint Anthony oil on canvas 120cm x 150cm 2021
FlightFlight oil on canvas 120cm x 150cm 2020
Annunciation-originalAnnunciation   oil on canvas  81cm x 120cm  2020
adam-and-eveAdam and Eve  oil on canvas  91cm x 120cm 2016
Only-a-God-can-save-us-original (2)Only a god can save us  oil on canvas 120cm x 150cm 2022
The-God-Bomb-gif The God Bomb – Katechon  oil on canvas  55cm x 84cm  2021
heideggers-hut-original-1Heidegger’s Hut  oil on canvas  120cm x 150cm  2015
why-is-there-nothingWhy is there nothing?    oil on canvas  86cm x 71cm  2021